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[Full Guide] How to Play Pokemon Go A to Z Guide


Pokémon GO is becoming popular day by day so many people are trying this new and they found it interesting and if you also tried it and don't know how to play this game then don't worry , and I am writing this lengthy introduction guide to Pokémon GO. In it, I’ll point out some tips I’ve learned while playing the game and hopefully all of you can learn something new.

#Full Guide on How to Play Pokemon Go 

Pokémon GO – The art of catching, powering up, evolving, and transferring

Immediately, the first thing you’ll want to do is get your hands on Pokémon. With Pokémon GO, the world becomes your Safari Park! This means you'll be interacting directly with wild Pokémon and the quest is to literally catch them all. You should never ignore a chance to catch a Pokémon unless one of two circumstances occurs: there is a real life emergency near you or there is a rarer Pokémon out of the Pokémon available on screen. Catching Pokémon is how you will power up your Pokémon and evolve some of them. You will also be rewarded with some sweet XP.

Battery Power – You need to play the game

First and foremost, Pokémon GO requires you to have the game on constantly for it to register your steps. You can combat the major battery life drain by turning on battery saver in the Settings menu. By doing so, when you turn the phone upside down, your screen will darken but still play the audio cues and vibrate accordingly. This way, you don't have to walk with your phone out and still register steps and get notifications for Pokémon near you. This is extremely relevant for hatching eggs!

Stardust – The currency for power

With every Pokémon caught, you are awarded 100 Stardust. Stardust is used to power up your Pokémon, raising their CP, Combat Points. I’ll explain more about CP in a bit, however, keep in mind that the amount of stardust required to power up a Pokémon will increase as the Pokémon’s CP reaches the end of its CP bar (the curve above the Pokémon’s information represents how far along you can power up your Pokémon).

Candy – Pokémon have a sweet tooth

Also rewarded with a caught Pokémon is candy, specifically of your Pokémon’s family type (a caught Pidgeotto will reward you with Pidgey candy). The first catch of a specific Pokémon generally yields 6 candies and then 3 candies for each repeat catch afterwards. Candies are very important for evolving Pokémon more so than powering up, as powering up generally only requires 1 candy per level up. Pokémon families that have only one stage of evolution generally requires 50 candies. Those with 2 stages of evolution requires 25 candies for the first stage and then 50 candies for the second stage, 75 in total. The amount of candies required for evolution varies greatly from species to species. Thanks to /u/chrom_ed for concrete evidence outside of my range of available Pokémon.

Evolving – A whole new world
When a Pokémon is evolved, the amount of CP that the Pokémon had before evolution is taken into account as your new Pokémon’s CP will reflect that amount. If a Pokémon with low CP is evolved, the new CP will be low as well. Evolving a maxed out CP Pokémon doesn’t result in a maxed out CP evolution. This means that you’ll still need to power up your Pokémon after evolving, just less so. This means that a Pidgey with 75 CP will have more CP when evolved into a Pidgeotto than a Pidgey with 10 CP evolved into a Pidgeotto. Both Pidgeotto's will have the same CP Cap but each will have a different amount of CP, depending on their pre-evolved CP. Thanks to /u/justroku and /u/jtivel for the discussion.

Capturing Pokémon – The art of awkwardly throwing poke balls
If you’ve been playing the game, you’ve probably noticed that the throwing of the poke balls can be a little janky. I find it personally best to turn off the AR immediately as it centers the Pokémon in the screen. Now, with your Pokémon is centered on the screen, you can judge the distance of the Pokémon. Generally, Pokémon are located in three positions: close, distant, and far. Depending on the distance, you’ll need to drag and release your poke ball at different points to land the poke ball.

Circles – Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot, Please Just Get Fucking Caught

The best time to throw your poke ball is when the shrinking circle is at its smallest point. The smaller the circle, the better the capture rates. If your circle resets, don’t be afraid to hold onto the poke ball a little longer. You’ll also want to hold onto the poke ball for other circumstances such as the Pokémon decides to leap up or attack, as both of these situations can cause the toss to fail. However, you can still catch a Pokémon as it is leaping if you accidentally threw a “far” ball. If you land your poke ball within the shrinking circle, you’ll get bonus XP. These can vary and depends on the size of the circle at which you hit the center, includes: Nice!, Great!, Execellent!, and Perfect! These bonuses do not affect the capture rate, only rewards bonus XP. Thanks to /u/chrom_ed for the clarifications. You can also do a fancy spin on your pokeball to get the “Curve!” bonus but I’ve only managed that once. According to /u/coonwhiz, to throw a curve ball, move your finger in a circular motion with the poke ball until it sparkles and then release. It should be noted that a curve ball will change the trajectory of the throw!

Colors are important – Pikachu is red

Depending on the color of the Pokémon’s capture circle, the Pokémon’s capture rate can be affected. This can be affected by the Pokémon’s rarity and the Pokémon’s CP, so a rare Pokémon with a high CP will almost certainly be harder. The color starts out with green (easiest), orange (difficult), and red (hard). For the harder Pokémon, you’ll definitely want to use a Razz berry to increase the capture rate of the Pokémon. Acquiring better balls (Greater, Ultra, and Masterball) will also result in higher capture rates. Unfortunately, I do not know how to acquire the better balls but I assume it will be from Poke Stops at higher levels. I have confirmed that higher levels will in fact reward higher quality items at PokeStops, including balls.

Finding Pokémon – The nearby silhouettes

You’ll notice that in the bottom right corner of your main screen is a nearby Pokémon menu. Generally, the nearest three Pokémon’s silhouettes will be displayed. If you tap on this, a menu will display a list of nearest Pokémon. From here, you can see what Pokémon is nearby and how far they are. The footsteps underneath the Pokémon represents the distance they are from you: no footprints, less than 10m; 1 footprint, 10m to 25m; 2 footprints, 25m to 50m; 3 footprints, 50m to 100m. However, sometimes in the cluster of nearby Pokémon, you’ll want to specifically hunt one. Simply tap that Pokémon and they will be highlighted in blue. Now, if you return to the main screen, the nearby tab is now featuring the highlighted Pokémon and its distance from you. Now when you move around, moving towards the highlighted Pokémon will flash the nearby tab. Thanks to /u/Lastminuteguy for this information!

Poke Stops – Should have seriously been named like a poke station or whatever

PokeStops will provide you, the player, with items to use and some sweet XP. To utilize the PokeStop, simply be in range and then spin the circular picture in middle. You'll be rewarded with several items in bubbles. Simply tap or swipe across the bubbles to receive your items. The variety of items you receive depends entirely on your level. Higher level characters will receive different types of items aside from just pokeballs and eggs. PokeStops also serve another purpose besides being an item handout location. They can be used as Pokémon gathering grounds via lure modules. These lure modules will create an aura around the PokeStop that resembles Sweet Scent, covering the area with flower petals. If you happen upon a lure module, you can install the module onto any PokeStop for 30 minutes of increased Pokémon sightings around the PokeStop. To do so, click the white bar in middle of the PokeStop screen and select a lure module. I do not know the exact distance of the affect but it was enough to get about 10 or so strangers all crowded around a parking lot at ten at night. Lure modules do not require the player to walk around in order to spawn sightings.

Hatching eggs – Real life riding a bike for this

You may have noticed that sometimes a PokeStop will reward you with a Pokémon egg. These eggs can be found on the second tab of your Pokémon screen. At any given time, a player is allowed to hold at max 9 eggs. The eggs are given a walking distance before they can be hatched, these distances can be viewed underneath each egg. To hatch an egg, select the egg, select start incubation, select an unoccupied incubator, and begin walking. The player is given a free incubator with unlimited uses. However, each incubator can only house one egg at a time. If a player wishes to hatch more than one egg at a time, multiple incubators are required. The purchased incubators have a usage amount on them, expiring after hatching a certain number of eggs. So make sure to always have an egg inside your incubators! Hatched eggs will reward more candies for that Pokémon than simply catching the same type. I've seen a lot of discussion

Incense – When to use it

Sometimes, your nearby menu features no Pokémon or very little or you’re near a dark patch of grass (generally a public park). I suggest getting a bike if you plan on using incense if you want to make the most of the item. To clarify, this is incense which increases the sightings of Pokémon around your character for you, differs from the lure module for PokeStops. This incense requires some walking. I found that utilizing incense with increased travel speeds results in a ton of Pokémon. Utilizing incense near a dark patch of grass can also increase the spawn rate to insane numbers. In my use of the incense near dark grass, I was able to catch upwards of forty Pokémon within twenty minutes. Incense lasts for thirty minutes.

Releasing Pokémon – You caught them all and now what

So now you have a Pokémon box full of repeats. Now what? Well you can release your Pokémon via a transfer feature within the Pokémon's details page. Simply scroll down and select transfer to trade the Pokémon for one candy of that species! Now you'll have more room for catching Pokémon and more candies! It's a win-win so don't be afraid to go catch more Pokémon. My personal tip on this is I release all Pokémon that are weaker than the strongest of that type. To do this, I'll order the Pokémon by number (#) or name and then release any Pokémon I do not want.

Combat Points – The power hungry

If you’re playing Pokémon GO to not only simply catch them all, but to also be the best, combat points will be very important. CP determines how much HP your Pokémon has as well as how much damage your Pokémon can do. In a battling sense, Pokémon with higher CP are stronger. It should be noted that CP limits for your Pokémon will actually rise when your character levels up. For example, if you're level 5 and have maxed out powering up a Pidgey. When you hit level 6, your Pidgey can be further powered up.

Pokémon Fights – Tap Type Revolution

However, don’t let simple numbers like CP determine how you fight your battles. Typing is just as important as your Pokémon’s CP. When a Pokémon attacks in a battle, its attack typing will determine how effective its attack is. Fire beats grass, grass beats water, water beats fire, etc. Choosing your Pokémon to fight a battle requires you to analyze if your typing is in your favor. Typing in favor will deal super effective damage and not very effective damage vice versa. If the situation is ever the opposite case and you find yourself losing fights, try a different Pokémon of a different type and different attack types!

Attacking – It’s more than just Tap Tap Revolution!

To perform a basic attack, tap the screen. To perform a special attack, hold your finger on the screen until the dialogue box for the attack appears. You can see the typing of your tap attack and special attack on your Pokémon’s detail screen. Charmander’s basic tap attack “Scratch” is Normal typing while his special attack “Flamethrower” is Fire type. Your special attack will be charged after a certain amount of basic attacks during battle. The amount of special attack charges that a Pokémon can hold can be seen next to the special attack on the details page. Charmander can only hold 2 charges of his Flamethrower while Squirtle, the clearly superior Pokémon, can hold 4 charges of his Water Pulse. Utilizing a special attack during a battle will exhaust a charge.

Dodging – If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ‘Gunk Shot'

Sometimes during battle, you’ll notice your opponent’s Pokémon charging for their special attack. You can dodge some special attacks by swiping left or right. That’s about it for this section.

Gyms – What was the point of all that battling talk?

When your character reaches level 5, you’ll be introduced to gyms. You’ll be asked to join a color either Red, Blue, or Yellow. After choosing a color, you are now free to perform battles (as explained above) by visiting gyms. If a gym is the same team color as you, there are two options, storing one of your Pokémon to help defend the gym or training. If a gym is a different color team than you, you have only one option and that is simply to duel – I mean – battle.

Same Color Gym – Train Your Gym…?

When you select the “Train” option at your gym, you will essentially be battling your team’s gym with your Pokémon. Doing so will raise the gym’s XP. The higher the gym’s XP, the more Pokémon that can be stored to help defend it, up to six. The amount of Pokémon that can be store directly correlates to the gym’s level. If you ever see a gym of your color with less Pokémon stored in it than its level, make sure to deposit a Pokémon there! Be warned that your deposited Pokémon cannot fight battles for you while it’s at a gym and will only be returned to your active party when the gym is defeated. It can’t be in two places at once. If your Pokémon was defeated while defending a gym, it will be returned to you, damaged and wounded and will need healing. Training will not only raise your gym’s XP, it’ll raise your XP as well, regardless of win or loss! To be noted, training at your color gyms will only allow you to use 1 Pokémon (from the gyms I've trained at which are generally level 2 or 3).

Opposing Color Gyms – Take them down a notch

When you fight against opposing color gyms, successful fights will decrease the gym’s level. Continually doing so will remove the opposing team’s Pokémon from being stored there. Remove all Pokémon stored there and it is free for the taking! These opposing gym battles lets you choose up to six Pokémon to take into the fray. During these battles, an icon will show up in the bottom right hand corner which allows you to switch Pokémon on the fly during battles!

Healing Your Pokémon – Are you not entertained?!

After some hard battling or if your Pokémon has been sent home from defending a gym, you'll need to replenish your Pokémon's HP. To do so, select the item bag and select Potion (if your Pokémon is still alive but needs health) or Revive (if your Pokémon has fainted). Then, select the Pokémon you wish to apply the item to and it'll play a sound and the color and gauge of the Pokémon's life will be replenished. Better potions will be handed out at higher levels. Thanks /u/Arroth for the information.

Be Safe – Pokémon GO is only fun, if you're alive to play it

Please please please be safe when playing Pokémon GO! Don't simply walk everywhere with your head buried in your phone. Use the battery saver feature and enjoy the views and the walk while still playing the game! Also, try not to play the game while driving! The game does crash and bug out when going at higher speed. /u/RenshuThrandon has reported the game will record progress up to 15 mph (I've personally gotten progress at higher speeds but I do not recommend it at all).

Server Issues – Sometimes the game just doesn't like you

I've been seeing a lot of questions about game hiccups and what does it mean. If your game ever freezes or if you see a loading poke ball in the top left hand side of your screen for a long time, your game is probably hung up and you'll need to restart your game. Sometimes this results in progress not being recorded and it can be frustrating. But let's keep in mind that this is the release week of a highly anticipated game. Also, the game is highly buggy. I've noticed that if I leave the game open for too long, I can no longer interact with PokéStops and gyms. This needs a game restart to fix. If you want to play the game with fluid functionality, your only option currently is to play off peak hours, where a lot of people are sleeping.

That’s it for now with this guide. I hope you guys learned something or what not. If you have anything you would like to add to the guide, please feel free to leave a comment or message me. Thanks!

Via:Thanks to reddit user  HappyViet for this detailed guide.

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